Threat to Nanuet’s Most Vulnerable Residents

Our town is facing a new threat and CUPON of Greater Nanuet (COGN) needs help to fight it! Verizon is seeking to build a 2,500 square foot wireless communication facility in the residential neighborhood surrounding Seton Village.

The facility would feature a 105-foot tower that could go as high as 125 feet and would be powered by an industrial diesel generator. The effects of such a structure on the upper Nanuet neighborhoods in the area will be devastating, especially for the elderly residents living in Seton Village!

If Verizon is allowed to build this tower in this location, we can expect rapidly falling property values throughout our town! The tower would be a blight to an area known for its beauty and its diverse residents. It will obscure the view, create noise pollution, and potentially pose a health hazard to the community.

Such a tower in such a densely populated part of our town is a bad idea! The project, which has been developed largely without consideration of residents’ wishes and views, would result in a backlash against Verizon as an example of a large corporation riding roughshod over ordinary peoples’ lives for financial gain with no thought to the human and economic costs.

COGN and the residents of Upper Nanuet stand against the building of this cell phone tower and we want our entire town to stand with us!

Since its inception, COGN’s committed and involved board and members have banded together to fight the proposed sale of the Grace Baptist Church property to an entity that wished to build a school that would have created massive traffic problems and potentially endangered our schoolchildren. We are still dealing with the legal issues resulting from waging that battle.

But COGN has persevered in the face of legal challenges because we believe in our mission to protect and preserve our wonderful community. COGN board members have educated groups from other towns and villages about how to organize in order to fight unwarranted and illegal development and other threats to the welfare of their neighborhoods and to hold lawmakers accountable. COGN answers questions and communicates regularly with Clarkstown officials and the School Board leadership about residents’ concerns. We monitor building and development proposals such as the TOD in Nanuet and Gatto Lane in Pearl River and keep a close eye on new businesses coming into our town.

And now, we have a new battle ahead of us. The Verizon cell phone tower is not wanted in Upper Nanuet and we must come together as a community to ensure that it is not built there. COGN has learned that, together, we can keep our residents, our neighborhoods, and our homes safe. Let’s get ready to fight again.


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